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Video has long been involved with marketing property. Over the past few years though, it has seen a huge increase in demand. With our attention spans getting increasingly smaller, video is used to catch and hold the eye of a potential buyer. 
We offer three distinct styles of video, a "Video Presentation", "Short Form Videos (SFV)" and a "Video Walkthrough". So no matter what format you're looking for or which platform you prefer, we've got you covered. 

Video Walkthrough

A Video Walkthrough is a continuous flow video through the entirety of the home. Shot in 4K and overlaid with music and on screen graphics that describe interesting details about the property. Because of the continuous flow of the video, potential buyers get to experience directly the flow of the home.

Short Form Video (SFV)

Modern trends call for modern marketing. Do you have a TikTok or Instagram account?
...... of course you do!
Let us build you a Short Form Video (SFV) that will grab and hold onto todays short attention spans. SFV's are meant to be shorter and designed to move through the entire home much quicker that traditional videos.
You will receive two videos, one finished and ready to upload as is, the other will contain just the video so that you can apply your own graphics, fonts, and music directly inside of your app of choice.

Video Presentation

"Video Presentations" are a much more in depth look at the home. Unlike the continuous flow of the "Video Walkthrough", in the Video Presentation we take a series of short video clips and then piece them together to create a stunning look at your listing through cinematography.  Similar to the Video Walkthrough, we over lay the 4K video with music and text.

Both videos are great at capturing the eye of a potential buyer. All of our videos are uploaded to youtube, making them easily accessible to you, and anyone you choose to share with. They also make a great add on service to our Interior/Exterior Stills.


Ready to get started?

Seen enough? Let’s get your session scheduled. Click the link below, answer a few quick questions and we will take it from there.

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