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Marketing Kit

So you have absolutely amazing photos of your listing, that we created of course. What are you going to do now, post them on social media and wait? How about we take it up a notch. No matter if we've supplied you with real estate photography, a 3D Tour, drone photography, or any one of our other services; you still need to put them in front of potential buyers. Let E&E Images build you an individual webpage specific to your listing. That alone would be worth the cost of our marketing kit, but we aren't done. You will also receive social media tile photos and videos, as well as pre built flyers to print or download and QR codes for quick and easy access to your webpage.

Property Website

Want a centralized location to make information about your listing easily and quickly accessible? This is how you do it! Share your property webpage directly on social media, text links directly to buyers agents, or share through email campaigns.

Video Tiles

Lets face it, attention spans today fade out very quickly. The key is to catch someones eye before they have a chance to look way. The answer to that is video. With our marketing plan, the photos we take are presented to potential buyers in a quick cycling video format. All teaser videos can be uploaded directly into social media or on your website using the source video in your delivery, or shared/embedded using links from our YouTube page.

Social Media Posts

What does your marketing plan look like? If it doesn't involve social media posts, you are falling behind very quickly. Thankfully we are here to help. We have an array of templates ready to go for your social media images. Each image is easily customizable for whatever announcement you might have.


The social world has swung hard to short video bites. Our marketing kits also include pre-made template in the vertical video layout that all of the services utilize. Simply upload the template into your preferred platform and then apply affects. That easy.


So what does all this cost.... $100? $200?....... no way. Our entire marketing kit is just $50

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